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Boat Neck T-Shirts India

Buy Boat Neck T-Shirts Online India: Boat Neck T-Shirt features a Boat like a neckline which runs horizontally, almost to the shoulder points on both side of the t-shirt. The boat neck style derives from the sailor’s sweaters, often with deep navy and white horizontal stripes. The broad and plain neck was said to facilitate quick removal if a sailor were to fall overload. Coco channel first designed the Boat Neck style, and she received inspiration from the wide neck worn by French Sailors. At Indian Aurochs, you can find best collections of boat neck tee short sleeve, Boat Neck T-Shirts for Men’s (Boat Neck T-Shirts Mens India or Men’s Boat Neck T-Shirts), Boat Neck T-Shirts for Women’s (Boat Neck T-Shirts Womens India or Women’s Boat Neck T-Shirts), Boat Neck Long Tops, Black Boat Neck Top and much more.

Boat Neck T-Shirt Collections

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The Boat Neck T-Shirt Dress has wider neckline which is usually cut into a shallow “U” shape which passes the collar bones and the hangs on shoulders. Boat Neck T-Shirts will create an elegant look, and it can be seen at cocktail parties. Boat Neck Tees are perfect for those who want to show their bit of flesh. Boat Neck Tops Online will help you to create ideal look when they’re paired with shorts or jeans. Layer the Boat Neck T-Shirts with Cascading Vests for a daytime look. The women’s boatneck tops have a higher neckline to create softer lines and provide a little bit more coverage.

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These tees are perfect for the ladies who want a sleek, stylish, comfortable look and feel. With seven vibrant colors to choose from black boat neck top to draped neck t-shirt, you can fire up your fashion apparel with our massive collections of Boat Neck T-Shirts. The Boat Neck T-shirt offers an elegant, consistently classic shape that works well with any look.

Boat Neck T-Shirts
Black Boat Neck Top

In addition to Boat Neck T-Shirts, we also have Long Sleeve T-ShirtsPocket T-ShirtsCrew Neck T-ShirtsHooded T-ShirtsStriped T-Shirts, Superhero T-Shirts and much more collections. Moreover, our Custom T-Shirt Designer will help you to create Custom Boat Neck Tees for events, parties, etc., It will let you add your favorite t-shirt design, a team logo, number and much more on your Boat Neck T-Shirt. Whatever may be your preference, Indian Aurochs has the collections and styles to match your choice. Just browse through our online store and fire up your fashion apparel with our selections.

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